Friday, 22 November 2019

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Friday, 1 November 2019

Marshmallow story

On a dark spooky night a boy was roasting marshmallows.Then a sluggy rare monster came to the little boy and was about to eat him but when he saw the marshmallow it looked yum for him so he acted excited even though he was already excited.The boy stoped being shocked and scared but he knew something wrong is gonna happen later.But he still gave him some.When the bag was empty the monster was MAD!so he stope his strong feet and kept chaseing him until h gave some.But when he fall down in the spiky dark grass he drop his fluffy soft cuddly bag.The sticky eking monster thought it was a big marshmellow and he was about to roast the fluffy bag but when he roast it got burn like a shatteren heart but a fluffy one and he cried like a rain drop.


It was kinda long but I manage.

Friday, 18 October 2019

My first day at school

On a cloudy Monday morning the whole school went to a immersion assembly to learn about dancing and drama. then msr burt sait “it’s time for team one ! After when he finished the movie came up and everyone watched the team one movie. The teachers were the actors. One of the teachers was Cinderella.first they were talking about the prince and saying that the prince was going to choose them and aguring about it. Next a fairy god mother came for cinderella also she turned the step mother and  sisters into frogs and everyone laughed. After  that everyones laughter had stop because it was the end of team ones movie. Then it was teams two turn. they didn’t had a movie but I like there’s one because when ms maran cover a blanket on her she disappeared. Then pop she came back and the teachers were dancing.After that it was our turn our one were being kind.The teachers were helping are environment and listening to the teacher with respect. Also they stop look and listened. Team 4 was kinda cool because they were one of the people in the toy shop production and when bo peep ask one one of them they would respond except for one but they still dance but when the Music stop they would all sit down except for bo peep and it went one by one. Soon after that it was time for team 5 the teachers were wearing skirts and dancing and when the music change they would dance with difference moves.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Emoji face Work

I was taking  pictures of my face and  typing what I felt.